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Le Festin

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Michael Giacchino
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Michael Giacchino
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"Le Festin" is a captivating and enchanting song featured in the delightful animated movie "Ratatouille." Music and english lyrics are composed by Michael Giacchino and french lyrics by Boualem Lamhene. French version of the song by the talented French singer-songwriter Camille Dalmais, beautifully captures the essence of the film's heartwarming storyline.

The song's title, "Le Festin," translates to "The Feast" in English, which perfectly sets the tone for the film's central theme of following one's passion and embracing life's culinary delights. Sung entirely in French, the song exudes a sense of elegance, romance, and whimsy that complements the movie's Parisian setting.

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"Un voleur solitaire est triste à nourrir..."

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Le Festin

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